Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jahrra's Journal: The Truth of the Tanaan

It's a short one this week, but hopefully it will give you a little taste for what's to come . . .

Dear Journal,

I found out the most amazing thing today! You know how I learned about dragons yesterday and how I was going to tell you about the Tanaan? Well, you won’t believe this, but the Tanaan dragons used to be human! Master Hroombra told me all about them today: how they were cursed long ago by the Crimson King and that is the reason why humans aren’t in Ethöes anymore. I wanted him to tell me more. Why were they cursed? Did he know any Tanaan dragons? But he told me I was too young to know such things. He always tells me that! Oh! I’ve got to go, I heard Pada come in and I hear Nida coming up the stairs to get me for dinner.


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