Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Another Riddle

Greetings readers!  Last time we found out that someone in Jahrra's class has been stealing things from the teacher's desk.  This week, although the thief is still a mystery, the class is given a new riddle.  Happy reading!
-J.E. Johnson

Another Riddle

Dear Journal,

I don't feel like writing a whole lot tonight. Mr. Cohrbin is still disappointed with us (I could tell because he didn't seem all that cheerful today and we still didn't get to play any games or act out any stories in class). The entire class seemed to notice, because no one got in trouble today and everyone was rather quiet (the older students didn't try and pass any notes or throw spit wads, and even Eydeth and Ellysian seemed down-hearted - usually they snicker and point at me).

Even though Mr. Cohrbin still eyed us all suspiciously, he told us to get our classroom journals out at the end of the day to write down the next riddle. He gave us such a sharp look that everyone did exactly as they were told and scratched down the riddle below the last one. The words I had written the week before glared at me in accusation, demanding to know who the culprit was.

I took a breath and wrote what he said, not once looking up:

Of the four Sisters I'm second to show, When you dance near the sun I blossom and glow. The day lasts forever when I am in town, And I wear upon my shoulders a green-golden gown.

Mr. Cohrbin stopped speaking abruptly and the next moment it was time to leave for home. He simply opened the classroom door and returned to his desk, sitting down heavily and getting to work with some papers and books. Usually he stays outside with us to answer any questions we might have about our lesson that day.

I gathered my things with a frown. Would anyone want to solve the riddles now that there were no prizes? I set my jaw; I wanted to solve them, even if there was nothing to win but the satisfaction of conquering the enigmatic rhymes. I wanted to solve them to show Mr. Cohrbin that I didn't need the lost treasures to want to unravel the puzzle. I decided right then and there that I was going to work every night to crack the code.

- Jahrra

 * * * * *
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: A Thief Among Us

Hello readers!  This week Jahrra writes in her journal that someone has been stealing things from their teacher at school.  Naturally, she suspects her not-so-courteous classmates.  Enjoy!
-J.E. Johnson

A Thief Among Us

Dear Journal,

When we got to school this morning, Mr. Cohrbin was waiting in the doorway of the schoolhouse with his arms crossed and a stern look on his face. He told us to come inside and take our seats. What happened next was awful. Mr. Cohrbin told us that when he arrived at the schoolhouse this morning, his desk had been gone through and that the lock on the box with the prizes for the riddle had been emptied.

The room was quiet with shock and I know that my eyes were huge and my mouth was hanging open. Who would do such a thing? Mr. Cohrbin suspected one of us (though I think he was thinking of the older students) because we were the only ones who knew what was in that box. He gave us all a long time of silent thinking to confess, but no one came forward.

I sat with my hands folded and my eyes down. Why would someone steal all the prizes? I wanted them just as badly as anyone else, but to steal them? It was during this quiet time that I heard whispering behind me.

I stole a backward glance to catch Eydeth quickly leaning back in his seat, his face looking very angry. He'd been talking to an older boy next to him and the older boy gave me a nasty look as well. What was that all about? Like it was my fault someone broke into the classroom and took Mr. Cohrbin's treasures?

The rest of the day went by very slowly, for Mr. Cohrbin wasn't in the mood to play any games or read us stories like he sometimes did. No, today was all quiet work and everyone seemed to be feeling guilty for some reason. I hope that whoever it was that stole the items from the box turns his or herself in soon.


* * * * *
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