Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jahrra's Journal: A Lesson on Dragons

In this small segment of Jahrra's Journal, Jahrra has just learned about Korli dragons from Hroombra, her reptilian mentor.  Hopefully she is able to paint a better picture of what this particular kruel (or species) of dragons looks like.  Enjoy!
Dear Journal,
I learned all about dragons today!  I had no idea there were so many different kinds.  But I'll tell you about my favorite: the Korli.  Master Hroombra is a Korli dragon.  I used to think he had so many wrinkles because he was old, but he says it is a, what was the word?  Characteristic of his race.  That means it is something all Korli dragons share, but he did say he had more wrinkles than most.
Korli dragons come in all the colors of blue and gray, from nearly black to nearly white.  Master Hroombra is a medium-dark gray blue.  Some of their bottom teeth stick out of their mouths, making them look frightening.  But Master Hroombra has never frightened me!
Korli dragons were in charge of watching over the humans.  Master Hroombra says that long ago humans lived in Ethöes.  I asked him what they were like and he said they were very similar to Nesnan elves, only they didn't live nearly as long and they weren't as strong or magical like the elves were.
I thought it would be an awful thing to be human, but he only said that sometimes being strong and living for a long time wasn't always such a good thing.  I still think it wouldn't be such a good thing to be human, but he just smiled like he always does.
It is late and Nida will be wondering about the candlelight coming from my room.  I'll tell you more tomorrow, dear Journal, and then I'll tell you about my second favorite dragon, the Tanaan!
* * * * *
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