Friday, March 2, 2012

Jahrra's Journal: A Closer Look at The Legend of Oescienne Books

Hello readers!  Long before I established this blog I had another titled "Jahrra's Journal" in which I posted diary entries written by the main character of my Oescienne series.  I have decided, after much thought, to do away with that blog and to transfer all the material to this, my official author's blog. 
Every two weeks or so, I'd like to post an entry from Jahrra's personal journal for those of you who enjoy learning more about the world of Ethöes and the characters from the Oescienne series.  In the beginning, the entries will be shorter, but I hope that with time the plot will become more and more enticing.  And now, without further ado, here is the first entry in Jahrra's Journal.  Enjoy!
Dear Journal,
I had the dream again last night, the same one I've always had with the tall stranger in the green cloak.  He was watching me this time, I know it.  I can never see his eyes, but I was certain he was there to see me.  I was in the apple orchard looking for caterpillars (the fuzzy black and yellow ones with blue spikes) and I noticed the light changing on the edge of the forest, the Wreing Florenn. 
I thought about running.  After all, Pada has always told me about that dangerous forest and how dangerous animals and monsters live in there, but I wanted to know who the green cloaked man was.  Why does he come to my dreams?  Why can't I see his face?  Who is he?  But by the time I turned back around, he was gone and I was awake. 
I can smell breakfast now and I can hear Nida humming her morning song.  Oh!  I must stop writing because I go to Master Hroombra's today!  Until later then, diary.  Perhaps I'll have more to write next time.
 * * * * *
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