Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Anticipating Tomorrow

Greetings readers!  This week's entry isn't as informative as the past few.  Instead, Jahrra talks about going back to Hroombra's home to learn more about the history of Ethoes.  She is particularly hoping that her mentor will tell her more about the Tanaan dragon Raejaaxorix.  Although it is low key this time around, I hope you still enjoy it!
-J.E. Johnson

Anticipating Tomorrow

Dear Journal,

Tomorrow I go back to school, and I am dreading it. I'm not dreading seeing Gieaun and Scede, they are my best friends, but I am dreading seeing everyone else. Well, maybe not Mr. Cohrbin. Even though he made me sit on the log all during lunch time, he seems pretty nice. I'll just have to try and enjoy the day. Pada did say that after we pick some more apples he'd take me over to see Master Hroombra.

Oh, I can't wait until we finish with the apples! We only have three more trees to go and then I'll be going to the Castle Guard Ruin! Maybe Master Hroombra will tell me more about the old castle and rulers of Oescienne, he always promises. Or maybe he'll tell me more about Raejaaxorix.

The last time he told me how Raejaaxorix burned down a whole fortress that had been the home to an evil man who was being mean to the people living in his town. The dragon Raejaaxorix had told the people to leave the town and only when they had all left did he come in and set the place afire. I asked Master Hroombra what it had looked like, red flames taking over an entire village! But Master Hroombra told me that Raejaaxorix's fire wasn't red like his own, but a blue-green color. How strange, to see your town being overtaken by blue-green flames! Oh, I must go, for I hear Pada calling me downstairs to finish with the early apple harvest.


* * * * *
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