Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Above the Crowd

The journal post for this week has Jahrra back at school and trying to avoid the mean kids once again.  When Ellysian tries to find her and her friends, Gieaun and Scede, Jahrra soon realizes that the giant boulder they have been hiding behind isn't sufficient enough to keep them safe from Ellysian's reach.  Happy reading!
-J.E. Johnson

Above the Crowd

Dear Journal,

I had to go back to school this morning, but I tried to be brave for Nida's sake. When we got to the schoolhouse, Gieaun and Scede and I hid behind the great big rock in front of the great big oak tree. We thought we were safe until I heard someone say 'I wonder where the Nesnan girl and her friends are . . .'

It was that girl Ellysian, and although her voice sounded nice on the outside, I could tell it wasn't nice on the inside. You know, like wild stainberries? They look so good to eat but if you break them open they stain your clothes and make an awful smell. Like that. Well, anyways, before she could find us Mr. Cohrbin called us to class.

As we were heading in, I noticed that the oak tree near the rock had notches in it where branches had once started to grow and then changed their minds. When we were let out for lunch, I ran straight to the tree, Gieaun and Scede too, and started to climb. The notches were like perfect steps! We ate our lunches way above everyone else, and even though I knew Ellysian and her brother Eydeth were secretly looking for us (they were snooping around in places they shouldn't have been), they never found us. Oh hurray! I love the oak tree in our schoolyard!


* * * * *
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