Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: A Visit to Town

Hello readers!  This week, Jahrra is writing about her Korli dragon mentor, Hroombramantu.  In The Finding, Hroombra plays a big role in Jahrra's life.  Jahrra also hints that she will be starting school soon. so life for the young girl will start to get a little more interesting ;).
-J.E. Johnson
A Visit to Town

Dear Journal,

I'm so glad I've found you! I've been looking for you for ages! Nida said you'd be under my bed, but I didn't believe her; that's where the monsters and creepy things live and I was sure if you had gone under there you would have been eaten. I'm glad you haven't been. Oh, so much has happened since I last wrote! Master Hroombra took me to town and we saw all kinds of things: people dressed up, fancy houses where you could get food or clothes or something Master Hroombra called "trinkets". Then we went to the ocean shore and caught hermit crabs and counted starfish. It was amazing! I wish Master Hroombra and I could go on more adventures, but he says tomorrow I start school. I'm excited and afraid. I've never been to school before, but Nida and Pada say I will meet other children and make friends. That will be good I suppose. I had better get to bed, I must get up early tomorrow if I'm to have a bright and productive day (that is what Pada says).


* * * * *
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