Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Something's Up

Last time, Jahrra learned about some of the constellations above Oescienne.  This week, while Jahrra is studying with Master Hroombra, she notices something is troubling him.
-J.E. Johnson
Something's Up

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was too tired to write to you.  I stayed up so late with Master Hroombra!  The meteor shower was the best thing in the world though, but by the time I woke up the next morning it was almost lunch time!  Pada and Nida came and picked me up and we went through Nuun Esse on the way home.  I waved to the butcher as usual and a woman selling flowers threw one to me.  It was pale yellow with lots of petals and left golden dust on my nose.
But that was yesterday.  I went back to Master Hroombra's today to work on my writing.  He says my writing is one of my best attributes (whatever an attribute is) but it must be something good because he was smiling.  He left me to practice my G's (one of my favorite letters because the big one and small one are different shapes and it can make two different sounds, "guh" and "juh") and went to his big desk in the small room in the front of the Castle Guard Ruin to read his letters.  Master Hroombra is always getting letters.  From who I cannot tell.  When I looked up from my small g's he didn't look so happy anymore.  He no longer smiled but frowned, all his wrinkles curving downwards.  His eyes moved quickly over the words on the paper and he took a deep breath.
Although he didn't say anything, I knew something was wrong.  You know how sometimes you aren't told about bad news, or grown-ups hide it from you?  Well, do you know how sometimes you can just feel that something has gone wrong?  That is how I felt, sitting by the great, empty fireplace practicing my G's.  I hope that whatever it is it will get fixed soon.  I don't like to see Master Hroombra sad.


* * * * *
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