Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: I Hate School!

Today we learn that Jahrra hates school because of some fellow classmates who don't like dragons.  Fortunately, she also makes some new friends who will help her through the tough times.  Happy reading!
-J.E. Johnson

I Hate School!

Dear Journal,

Today was my first day of school and it was horrible! I never want to go back, but Nida and Pada say that I must. Oh, why can't I just learn things from Master Hroombra? He knows everything there is to know. Gieaun and Scede could even come (they are the only two children in the whole class that are nice to me, though Gieaun doesn't really like snakes and spiders too much, and Scede doesn't ever talk). Master Hroombra just left me there, and this one girl and her brother, oh, I'm going to start crying again just thinking about it! They were so horribly mean and they made fun of Master Hroombra! How I wish he'd breathed fire on them . . . Maybe I'll wake up sick tomorrow and I won't have to go back! I wonder if there are any sicknesses that last for days and days and days . . .


 * * * * *
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