Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: A Lesson by Starlight

Greetings readers!  Time for a new journal entry.  Last time, Jahrra's dragon mentor Hroombramantu showed her a field guide of plants and animals of Oescienne.  In the book, she got to see what a boarlaque really looks like.  This week, Jahrra writes about a lesson under the stars of Oescienne.

A Lesson by Starlight

Dear Journal, 

It is hard to stay awake, I'm so tired!  But Master Hroombra is teaching me about the stars tonight.  Oh, I'm so excited!  Right now I'm sitting by the fire in the Castle Guard Ruin (and can you believe it, Nida and Pada are letting me stay here for the night!), but soon we'll go outside to watch a meteor shower.  He says that it's like watching magic sparks streak through the air, and that sometimes the sparks are blue and red and yellow.  I want to go outside right now, but Master Hroombra says we must wait.  I hate waiting!  The sky is all dark, like the ink in my pen clouding up water, and the crickets are chirping in the wood, it should be time to go!  But no, we must wait.  Adults always want to wait.  Until then I'll write in my journal and watch the stars come out through the doorway.

There's one right now.  Master Hroombra says it is called Rhian and it is part of a constellation called Echainn and Echnia.  They are the Horses he says, and that the other star I see, just to the left and above Rhian, is Epohra.  He was about to tell me the story of Echainn and Echnia but a meteor just streaked across the sky.  Oh! It is fiery yellow, just like he said.  I'll have to ask him about the stars later, because he's grabbing the old quilt and we're going to watch the fire fall from the sky!

- Jahrra

* * * * *
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