Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oescienne Fan Art!

Although I prefer to write these days in my spare time, I originally studied to be an artist.  Some of you are already aware of this (I illustrated the pictures on the covers of my Oescienne books, and I have a separate page for my other sketches and drawings and such, including the maps of my imagined worlds and those imagined by others).

Regardless of the fact that I do most of my own work and I have my own illustrations, I love to see how my readers picture my characters and settings.  Right now I don't get a lot of fan art (or fan fiction), but just the other day I received some artwork from one of my readers, Annwyn.  She told me that after reading my Oescienne books, she was inspired to draw a picture of Jahrra and Jaax.  I was so pleased to get the image and I'd like to share it here with everyone.

I should also mention that Annwyn's artwork has prompted me to create a fan artwork page.  If you feel inspired to illustrate the characters or settings of my stories, and you feel comfortable sharing it, please send me an email at and I'd be happy to add it to my collection.  Again, thank you Annwyn for your wonderful work and I hope to see more from you and others!

-J.E. Johnson

Jahrra and Jaax by Annwyn

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