Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Need Some Suggestions for Cade's POV Stories . . .

Hello Everyone,
     As most of you know, I'm in the process of writing the third book of the Otherworld Trilogy, Luathara.  I've been getting email from readers asking when it will be available, and all I can tell you is that my goal is November 1st.  I'll do my best to make sure the ebook is released on that date, but I can't promise any guarantees.  My work schedule is about to get busier and, as always, my Muse has decided to drop another book series idea in my lap at the most inopportune time (while I'm trying to finish two others :P), so I've got that distraction as well.
     I also mentioned before that I'm working on a short story collection of scenes from Faelorehn told from Cade's point of view, and those are already underway.  However, I'm hoping to continue the trend and write some scenes from Dolmarehn as well.  I've got a few ideas already, but I thought it would be fun to open it up to my readers to see what they have to say.
     So, does anyone have any suggestions on which scenes from Dolmarehn you'd like to read form Cade's point of view?  If there were any situations where you just found yourself dying to know what Cade was thinking, let me know.  Maybe he and I can sit down for a little chat and he can pour out his soul to me (believe me, my characters don't always talk to me about everything, but Cade seems like a pretty reasonable guy ;)).  There are two scenes I know I want to include for sure (and nope, I'm not spilling which scenes . . . yet :)), but I wouldn't mind a few more, so please, leave a comment below and let me know what you'd like to hear.  For now, I'll do my best to complete Luathara in a timely fashion. 
-J.E. Johnson
p.s. As an extra bonus (and hopefully to help alleviate some of the eagerness for the next Otherworld installment ;)), I'm including the cover art for Cade's novella, Ehriad.  When Ehriad is closer to being finished, I'll be sure to post an excerpt.  Enjoy!


  1. Hmm maybe from the first book when Cade and Meghan first meet, and maybe an encounter or two in the woods as they were getting to know each other. The last encounter of the two that Meghan analyzes and reanalyzes over whether or not he kissed her.

    From the second book, something during the Beltaine scene with the dancing. Also maybe what was going through his mind during the confrontation with the Morrigan.

    Just a couple ideas, but really any would be good with me! I'll be looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks Amanda! I'll keep those ones in mind :)

  3. I think that a few that I would like yo know Cade's POV would be the first time he saw Meghan before they actually met, then when he erased hrr memory of their first encounter. Also, the first time he escorts Meghan to the otherworld right before he kissed her.

  4. Thank's for the feedback Haly's Mom. Those are some good suggestions and I'll definitely consider them for the short stories.

  5. I would love a little more detail as to what her surroundings, attire, hair, etc look like. I have a fairly vivid imagination, but am having a difficult time picturing the scenery.
    As far as from Cades point of view, maybe the epilogue be about him noticing her for the first time. I would love to know evything that goes through his mind while with her, and a little of what his daily activities/ job entails. How he writes his correspondences such as when he wrote to his "father".

  6. Thanks for all the feedback and feel free to contiue making suggestions. So far I think I've covered most of what some of you have requested, but I can always add more ;).

  7. I want to know what's going through his mind after he is done fighting the Morrigan's minions.When he looks over at her with tears in his eyes!I was like Nooooooooo!!!

  8. Tiffany - That would be a good scene to get from Cade's POV . . . I'll have to see if he's willing to share ;)

  9. I would like to know what kind of conversation he had with his sister and his foster father when he first mentioned meghan to them. And he had to talk to the high queen at some point before or during the time he brought meghan to meet her. Also that time in the first book when the morigan was talking to him and meghan overheard them.Thanks.

  10. Amber Jo,
    I never even thought about a conversation between Cade and Danua (the high queen). That would be interesting indeed . . . ;)

  11. Hi Jenna,

    In an ideal and perfect world i would love to read the whole book from Cades POV, he is just so amazing in this book but since we live in the real world.....
    1.I would love to know what he spoke about Meghan to his foster dad,sister and queen Danau.
    2.I would love to know what he was thinking when they saw a Fae wedding and also the night of beltaine night,he was so hot one minuter and cold the other.
    3. I would also love to know what he was thinking about Meghans reaction to him as she was mostly hiding behind her hair and changing topics whenever something happened between them.
    4. Last but not the least how he felt during his first kiss with Meghan when she was awake.
    Also a little more background info on His life before Meghan and also while he was away from her for such long period of time especially when he would have been getting his castle ready for Meghan to stay and his feelings while refurbishing the room for her.
    Well you can see I really really love the book and cant wait for the next one.

  12. Hello Neha! Some great suggestions there . . . and who knows, maybe one day I'll have the time to re-write Faelorehn from Cade's POV ;). But right now it's clear that once I've finished Luathara, I've got some more short stories to write . . .