Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Worst Day Ever

Hello everyone!  In today's journal entry, Jahrra tells us about her worst day ever.  Something terrible happens at school and, as you might have guessed, it involves Ellysian and the still-missing items from their teacher's desk.  Happy reading!
-J.E. Johnson

Worst Day Ever

Dear Journal,

I don't even know if I can write this, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to the schoolhouse in Aldehren ever again. When we sat down at our desks today, Mr. Cohrbin asked us to take out our clean parchment and some pencils for writing practice. We keep our parchment rolled up, so I just reached inside the shelf in my desk and pulled the tube of paper out. But as it came free, something small and colorful flew out of the tube and went chink-chinking across the wood floor of the classroom.

Everyone, who had been chatting quietly, stopped dead and stared at the glittering object, bouncing and rolling toward the back of the room. I sat frozen in shock, for I had seen it before it shot away, and I knew exactly what it was: the ponyfly cocoon sealed in its glass tube.

'Miss Jahrra', that's all Mr. Cohrbin said, in the most horribly quiet and stern voice I'd ever heard from him, 'can you explain this?'

He had walked over and picked up the vial. He held it between his thumb and pointer finger, its green and ruby colors gleaming like a star. I felt the tears gather and fall from my eyes. The lump in my throat kept me from speaking, that and the sheer confusion I felt. How had it ended up in my desk?

I couldn't explain it, and since my words would not come, I became the suspect and Mr. Cohrbin made me stay in from our break, and our lunch time, and the half hour after school to write an apology letter and sentences claiming I was sorry and would never do it again. I cried silently, more horrified that I had disappointed him than ashamed that I had somehow committed some wrong. I DID NOT steal the ponyfly cocoon, but how could I tell him that? It was in my desk.

When I was finally permitted to leave (with a letter to be signed by my parents and returned the first day back from the weekend), I found Gieaun and Scede waiting patiently for me. We walked to the front of the arched drive to wait for Mr. Dharedth to pick us up. I kept my head low, with Gieaun on one side and Scede on the other, their arms around my shoulders, telling me they knew I didn't do it.

Just before Mr. Dharedth's mail cart came clattering up the cobblestones, I glanced up, and saw Eydeth and Ellysian quietly waiting for their ride. Eydeth smirked and Ellysian had a nasty gleam in her eye. It was right at that moment that I finally knew who had broken into Mr. Cohrbin's treasure box.


  * * * * *
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  1. To my mind it's not the worst day, maybe only in your life! You can read worse day than yours https://kovla.com/blog/worst-dates-ever-not-one/ . After reading you'll understand that your life is good!) Enjoy)