Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Suspicious Activity

Last time, Jahrra got another riddle from her teacher.  This week, Jahrra notices that her nemesis, Ellysian is acting rather suspicious ...  Enjoy!
-J.E. Johnson

Suspicious Activity

Dear Journal,

Mr. Cohrbin seemed a little more cheerful today, but he still isn't quite back to his old self. He still doesn't trust us like he used to, and he still asks us every morning if anyone wants to come forward about the missing treasures. No one ever does.

The two riddles are still unsolved (despite the fact that I got up after Nida and Pada went to sleep to try and figure them out), and no one else seems to have the heart to solve them. It was a normal day for the most part, but when Gieaun and Scede and I watched the rest of the class from our oak tree during lunch today, we saw that Ellysian and her brother were off alone in one corner of the yard. We tried to hear what they were saying, but it was too noisy. She opened her hand to show him something and his eyes got wide and his face drained of color. Ellysian quickly closed her fist and shoved her hand in her pocket.

When they walked under our tree we remained as quiet as bats, but the look on their faces made me itch with dread. Ellysian was straight-faced, her eyes giving away something cruel, and her brother had the biggest, nastiest, smuggest grin on his own face. I know they are plotting something, but I have no idea what and I have no idea how to make myself ready for it.


 * * * * *
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