Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Strange Sight on the Way Home

Hello readers!  This week's journal entry has Jahrra noticing something odd on the edge of the Wreing Florenn.  For those of you who have read The Finding, you'll know that the Wreing Florenn is stock full of oddities, some dangerous, some benevolent.  And sometimes it's hard to tell the difference ... ;).
-J.E. Johnson

Strange Sight on the Way Home

Dear Journal, School today wasn't as bad as usual because Eydeth and Ellysian showed up late and got in trouble. They spent a long time trying to argue with Mr. Cohrbin about it, but he wouldn't listen to them. They tried to say it was their driver's fault.

But that wasn't the most interesting thing that happened today. On the way home, while we were riding in the mail cart, I felt the strangest feeling, like someone was watching me. I turned to look in the direction the strange feeling was coming from and found out it was coming from the edge of Wreing Florenn! And I know you won't believe me but I thought I saw eyes watching me, just eyes floating in space, but as soon as I blinked they were gone.

I was so frightened I huddled closer to Gieaun and Scede and Mr. Dharedth and refused to look towards that forest the rest of the ride home. I won't tell Nida and Pada about it, they'll think I'm making it up, so I'll only tell you. I'm never going near the Wreing Florenn. Never ever.


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