Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Riddles!

Greetings readers!  Last time, Jahrra noticed some strange eyes watching her from the Wreing Florenn.  This week, our young protagonist has a good day at school and starts to reconsider her opinion of the place.
-J.E. Johnson


Dear Journal, Oh what a wondrous day at school! Mr. Cohrbin told us that he will be giving us a new riddle each week to solve, and the first person to solve it gets a prize! Some of the much older students groaned, but he gave them a sharp look and told them some of the prizes would even be something they would want. I didn't groan. In fact, I sat straight up and paid full attention (I was daydreaming a little - but only a little! I couldn't help myself, it was during our math lesson and I'm not that good at math).

He said that even the first year students could try if we wanted, but he said some of them would be really hard. I didn't care, Master Hroombra gives me riddles all the time and I love to try and solve them, even when he helps me out (which is most of the time).

Well, here is the riddle Mr. Cohrbin gave us:

I am the first Sister to visit your land, The first before three others, we work hand in hand. I soften the earth and call forth the sun, I sing a great song of new life begun.

Ugh, I have no idea what it means! I'll have to try and figure it out this weekend. I hope no one else gets it before I do . . .


* * * * *
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