Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: In Trouble

Hello again!  Today's post from Jahrra's Journal shows Jahrra getting punished for the first time at school.  Although her reasons for what she did are understandable, she learns that dealing with her problems won't always be easy.  Happy reading!
-J.E. Johnson

In Trouble

Dear Journal,

I came home from school today with my face all puffy and my eyes all red. Nida asked what had happened and I lied - 'I hit my knee against the wheel of the mail cart while getting down.' I told her. She gave me one of her looks, you know the ones where she places her hands on her hips and arches one eyebrow? But she didn't ask any more questions. And I only lied because I was too ashamed to tell the truth.

I got in trouble today. I had to sit on the fallen log on the edge of the schoolyard. The only reason I can bring myself to write this down instead of curling up in my bed and slowly dying of shame is that Ellysian, the evil girl I've told you about before, got in trouble, too. She and her nasty brother had started it, by throwing dirt clods at Gieaun, Scede, and me. Well, she's been bugging us ever since school started, and I'd had it. I picked up a dirt clod and threw it right back at her. Too bad I missed, but Mr. Cohrbin saw me. I'm sure my face turned the color of ripe autumn apples! I lowered my head in embarrassment and listened to Ellysian wail in anger and false injury.

Gieaun and Scede told Mr. Cohrbin what had happened, but since we had both been throwing things at one another, we were both in trouble. We had to sit on the fallen log all through lunch. I sat quietly, feeling very much ashamed of myself, but Ellysian only huffed and puffed and sent me nasty glances. I was glad when Mr. Cohrbin finally rang the bell for us to return to class. The good thing was, however, Ellysian and her brother didn't bother me once the rest of the day. Maybe I should get in trouble more often . . .


* * * * *
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