Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Keeping an Eye on the Suspect

Hello readers!  Last post of the year from Jahrra's Journal!  I hope you have enjoyed the story so far and I look forward to posting more in the coming year.  This week, Jahrra keeps an eye on Ellysian, the one she suspects of setting her up.  Enjoy!
-J.E. Johnson

Keeping an Eye on the Suspect

Dear Journal,

Things seem to be getting back to normal at school. Today we talked about occupations (that's what jobs are called), so Mr. Cohrbin asked us to tell him what our mothers and fathers did for a living, then we had a discussion. Some students said their parents owned shops in Kiniahn Kroi, others' parents were merchants.

Of course, Eydeth and Ellysian talked for far too long about how their father was a wealthy business man, landowner AND the most well known breeder of semequins in all of Oescienne if not the entire Norwester Arm of the world. I wasn't sure what semequins were (I'd have to ask Master Hroombra later, if I remembered), but it must be something fancy.

When it got to my turn I told the class how Nida and Pada owned an orchard. I said the hardest part was watering all the trees and keeping the bad bugs away, and the best part was having all those trees to climb. There were also all those apples to eat (until you got sick of them) and the wonderful flowers in the spring.

I told them how we had several different kinds of apple trees and the blossoms could be snow white, or soft peach and pink, and that even one tree had blossoms that were a deep blue color. Those ones only bloomed every other year and it took two years for their dark purple apples to ripen. I told them all how Pada saved those to make the best cider and apple pies. Both Nida and Pada had won several first prize ribbons for their cider and apple pies at the fall festival in Nuun Esse.

After we had all shared, it was lunch time. Gieaun and Scede and I climbed the oak tree to get away from everyone, and it was then that I remembered to ask them what they thought about Ellysian being the one who stole Mr. Cohrbin's treasure box. They agreed and we watched Ellysian from the branches to make sure she didn't try to sneak anything into the classroom and into my desk. She did wander off quietly to somewhere beyond the schoolyard and returned with her hands in her pockets. She looked around to make sure no one had been watching her before she stepped back through the bushes. Gieaun and Scede gave me a very knowing look and we decided from then on to pay extra close attention to what she was up to.


* * * * *
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  1. I read all three books and I love them. Are you going to write the 4th book? If so when?

  2. Hello Sharon! Yes, book four is actually almost here (took me long enough ;P). The final draft is done and is with my editor as I type. As soon as she gets all her edits back to me, I'll be starting on the formatting process. I also have my cover artist working on the cover, so it all depends on how quickly they can get their part done :). To keep up to date, you can always sign up for my Author's Newsletter (top of the left hand column of this site). Until then, happy reading!

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