Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Ellysian's Up to Something ...

Hello all!  Last time Hroombra helped Jahrra out a little with the riddle.  This week Jahrra returns to class and her teacher addresses the class about it again.  Jahrra also notices that her nemesis is acting a bit suspicious ... Enjoy!
-J.E. Johnson

Ellysian's Up to Something ...

Dear Journal,

Today was like any other day at school, only everyone was anxious to see if anyone had figured out what Mr. Cohrbin's riddle meant. Okay, I was anxious to see if anyone had figured it out. Mr. Cohrbin waited all day and just before we left to go home, he asked if anyone had an answer to his riddle.

He pulled out his little box and carefully unlocked it. We all leaned forward in our desks, hoping to get another look at the treasures within, only he didn't open the lid. We all slouched back when we realized we weren't going to get another preview.

'So? Does anyone have an answer for me?' he asked.

Some of the older kids said they thought they knew (a teenage boy said he thought the answer was "mother", another said it had to be Ethöes). Mr. Cohrbin shook his head, but admitted that Ethöes was close. Ugh, I can't stand it! He closed the lid to the box and locked it, tucking it neatly back inside his desk. He told us that in two more days he'd give us another riddle. I hope this one is easier.

So the day went by rather well, and no one bothered us during lunch. On our way out, however, Gieaun, Scede and I overheard Ellysian talking with her friends (she didn't know we were there). We heard her say "riddles" and "desk" and "box".

I strained to hear more, but just then I stepped on a twig and she heard us. She gave us one overbearing glance and grabbed her friends' arms to move to another part of the yard, shooting awful glares at us over her shoulder as she walked away. I don't know what she was telling those girls, but I know that she is up to something, and I'm sure it is something bad.


* * * * *
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