Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: A Day by the Creek

Hello all!  Today's journal entry has our protagonist spending a day with her dragon mentor, Hroombra, and her friends Gieaun and Scede.  Although this scene doesn't have anything too intriguing to offer, it does give a good description of the setting.  Hope you enjoy!
-J.E. Johnson

A Day by the Creek

Dear Journal,

Today Gieaun and Scede came over and we all went to the Castle Guard Ruin. Master Hroombra met us and we all climbed on his back, even Pada and Nida. Master Hroombra told us we were going to have a picnic at Danu Creek today and I couldn't imagine anything better. It was still a long way until noon and it was already very hot out.

The creek wasn't as full as it gets in the winter, but it had enough water in it to keep cool in. Nida kept telling us to be careful and not get our clothes all muddy, but we couldn't help it! I chased through the water after Gieaun and Scede in a game of tag, screeching each time I misjudged how deep the water was and went sinking in up to my waist. The oaks, sycamore and willows growing overhead made nice puddles of shade, and after lunch Gieaun and Scede and I traveled downstream to explore while Nida and Pada stayed behind with Master Hroombra.

'Be careful of the bluff's edge!' Nida warned, and we promised to be careful.

It took us a while to reach the edge, and when we did, we all three took a seat on a large stone sitting near the lip of the water fall and just gazed out at the scene before us. I sighed and hugged my knees - it was so beautiful! The farmlands spread out below us like a patchwork quilt of green and brown and deep red, protected from the vast blue ocean by the barrier of sand dunes. The dunes themselves were nearly golden in the afternoon light, folding and rolling as if they were shaped by an careful sculptor and not the wind. The hills were the faded color of ripe wheat and the clumps of woodlands served as dots of dark green, adding just enough color to make one's gaze linger.

After we were done with our break, we headed back up the creek so Nida and Pada and Master Hroombra wouldn't worry about us. By the time we got back it was time to go home, and we all climbed upon Master Hroombra's back. On our way out I asked him where the creek came from and he told us that it flowed from a swamp deep within the Wreing Florenn.

With a wry dragon grin he added, 'A swamp said to harbor a very mysterious and terrifying witch. But that is a story for another day . . .'

I chilled at the thought, and suddenly I remembered the ride home from school when I had thought I'd seen eyes watching me from the edge of that forest. Could it have been the witch? My skin crawled and I leaned closer into Nida. I didn't want to think about it at all, at least not right now.


 * * * * *
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