Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jahrra's Journal: Master Hroombra's Book

Hello readers!  Here is the second Jahrra's Journal post for the new year.  Last time we learned from Jahrra that she should stay out of the Wreing Florenn, the massive forest that takes up much of her part of Oescienne.  Although her foster father tried to tease her about the forest containing boarlaques, Jahrra isn't going to take any chances.  Now, for February's journal entry ... :).
-J.E. Johnson

Master Hroombra's Book

Dear Journal,

    I asked Master Hroombra today what exactly a boarlaque is.  I had an idea from what Pada had told me, but I wasn't sure.  Master Hroombra just smiled and pulled out a large, old book, trailing dust through the air like a comet.  I think it is funny when dragon's smile, especially Master Hroombra with all his teeth sticking out.  The yellowed pages crackled and stuck as I turned them, but I almost fell over when I noticed what was on them.  Not words like all the other books he gives me, but pictures.  Loads and loads of pictures of animals and maps and flowers, all colored in!  I asked him where he got it and he told me the elves of Felldreim created it.  It was the most wonderful book I've ever seen!  Finally, I got to a fearsome looking beast and he told me to stop.  The boarlaque, he told me.  It made me shiver.  It was bigger than a bear and covered in brown and gray fur that was all tangled.  It had stripes on its face and giant teeth and claws.  I've decided two things: one, this book of creatures is my absolute favorite book ever, and two, I'm never going near the Wreing Florenn again, Pada or no Pada.

* * * * *
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