Wednesday, April 24, 2013

L.A. Times Festival of Books Recap

     Last weekend I traveled down to Los Angeles with my two best friends in order to take part in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.  If you were to ask me to describe the experience in one word, I'd have to call it fabulous.  Hardly a minute went by where I didn't find myself standing at my table and talking to one festival goer after another.  In fact, my voice is still partially gone because of it ;).
     Some of those who visited my booth were readers, others were teachers, aspiring authors and bloggers who specialized in reviewing books.  One woman was a teacher visiting the festival for the day with her literature students, while another was one of my author friends from facebook.  And more than once someone would spot my booth and inform me that they had heard of my books or seen them on amazon and goodreads.
     I handed out dozens of buttons, bookmarks and signed posters, and even sold a good number of books.  And I'm still getting in touch with those who won raffle prizes.  All in all, I had a blast and I even got interviewed by KBEACH (a radio station associated with California State University at Long Beach)!  I'm already thinking about plans for next year's festival and am even researching other book festivals on the West Coast (the Tucson Festival of Books looks like it might be added to my list).
     I leave you with those thoughts for now and some of the pictures we took, but do check in again soon because I plan on posting more pictures later on.  Happy reading for now and I look forward to some R&R and perhaps a little free time to get some more writing done ;).

-J.E. Johnson

The rental van is all packed and ready to go!
Laura and Nino helping me set up the first day.
Ready to go!
A view from the author's seat.
The nice people over at KBEACH radio came over and asked if they could talk to
me about my books.  How could I resist? ;)
A small crowd at my booth.
Signing Otherworld Trilogy posters for fans.


  1. Please come to Tucson! It is still a couple hours away but a much more doable venue for me than L.A.

  2. Don't worry Misty, I'm really going to do my best to make it to that one. I love Tucson and it looks like a pretty big festival. I believe they hold it in March, so I've already missed this year's event, but I'll keep you all posted ;).

  3. I saw that when I looked it up. If you're there next year I will definitely make the trip!

  4. Wow! This must have been such an amazing day for you. I always wait for the book fair. Last year I bought 20 books from the fair. It was in a huge event space and therefore, a huge collection. I am looking forward to another one this year.

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