Monday, January 28, 2013

Character Interview with Meghan and Cade!

Here it is!  The interview I included at the end of the Omnibus Edition.  Sorry I didn't post it sooner, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to finish reading Luathara first.  Enjoy!
-J.E. Johnson
Now that I have finished writing the Otherworld Trilogy, I thought it would be fun to interview the two main characters, Meghan Elam and Cade MacRoich.  They have been kind enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions for all of you.  Now, if you've not yet finished all three books in the series, I suggest you save this interview for later since there are some spoilers here.  However, if you don't mind such things, by all means, read on!

JEJ: I'll start with you Meghan, since the story is told from your point of view.  Did you ever imagine your life would be something worth reading about?

Meghan: Ha, no way.  Okay, maybe now I can understand why my life might be interesting, what with all that has happened to me in the past few years.  If you'd asked me before my seventeenth birthday though, I'd have looked at you like you were crazy.  Let's face it; my life was pretty dull before Cade showed up.

JEJ: Alright, that's a pretty honest answer.  Cade, I turn the questions over to you now.  How about your life?  You've been alive for a long time, just how old are you exactly and would the earlier part of your life make a good story?

Cade: Most of the events of my past are things I'd rather forget, though I can only imagine those experiences would make good material for an interesting tale.  When you have lived several thousand years (no, I'm not going to give you an exact number), a lot can, and will, happen to you.

JEJ: Yikes, you have lived for a long time.  Meghan, does it bother you knowing that Cade is so much older than you?

Meghan: I never really thought about it much, actually.  He doesn't look that much older than me, and I can tell you from personal experience that it has only made him a better, kinder and wiser person.

JEJ: Cade, what about you?  Do you worry about the differences in your ages?

Cade: I did at first, but the thing with being immortal is you can live for centuries before you find your soul mate.  I fully believe that's the case with Meghan and me.  It would have been wonderful to find her sooner, but back then I wasn't the person I am now, and I might not have seen how truly wonderful she is.

JEJ: Okay, I think I'll leave the personal questions for now and move on to something else.  This next question is for both of you.  Which of the faelah do you dislike the most?

Meghan: All of them are horrible, but I think the worst is the puca, especially when it came to Luathara and started speaking.  A close second is the Morrigan's Cumorrig, after she transformed them.  I'm just glad they aren't hunting us any longer.

Cade: I have to agree with Meghan on this one, especially considering my own personal experience with the Cumorrig.

JEJ: Do you think you'll ever have to deal with the Morrigan again?

Cade: Unfortunately, she will someday return to Eile, but we have a good thousand years or so before that happens.  We'll just have to remain vigilant and make sure she never grows that powerful again.

JEJ: And now for some more pleasant questions.  Meghan, why do you like twigrins so much?

Meghan (laughs): What's not to like?  I wish everyone could come to Eile and see them.  They're so cute!  Like stick figures come to life, but with more detail of course.  I'm still waiting to see them in the spring and I hope the ones Cade got me for the garden will get flowers on them.

JEJ: On that note, Cade has given you so many gifts: the twigrins, the mistletoe charm, the torque, Meridian . . . are you ever going to return the favor?

Cade (interrupts): She doesn't have to give me anything.  I already have everything I could want.

JEJ: I'm assuming you're referring to the fact that she accepted your proposal of marriage?

Cade (smiling): Yes.

Meghan: That doesn't mean I can't give him something.  I just haven't thought of the right gift yet.  But don't worry, when I do, it will be something good, I promise.

JEJ: You'll be sure to tell me Meghan when you figure it out, right?

Meghan (smiling): We'll see.

JEJ: Okay, new question, this one's for Cade.  It's clear your sister Enorah loves you very much, and Meghan as well.  Do you plan on inviting her to live with you in the castle at Luathara?

Cade: I'd love for Enorah to come live with us, but she is very attached to the wildren of the Weald.

JEJ: I noticed she seems to be a troubled soul, despite the happy-go-lucky front she gives us.  Is there a reason she seems sad at times, I mean, besides the fact that the Morrigan controlled your life for so long?

Cade: That's Enorah's story to tell, but I will say she has experienced as much hardship in her life as I have.  I believe she is content in taking care of the children of the Weald, for now.  It keeps her mind and her heart occupied, though I hope someday she'll find a way to banish the demons from her past.

JEJ: Meghan, if I may ask, how are things going with your mother?

Meghan: So much better now.  We were both so stubborn and selfish with our own personal feelings before the war with the Morrigan, but I think we were hurting as well.  I'm pleased to say that I see her a lot more often now and I've been slowly learning more about my past and even a little about my father.

JEJ: Speaking of which, and if you feel comfortable discussing it, whatever happened to your father?

Meghan: As much as I'd like all the questions about my father to be answered, I feel my mother doesn't like to talk much about their last parting.  I think she's still pretty heart-broken, to tell you the truth.  I don't even know if he's still alive, but if he is, I hope that one day I'll get to meet him.

JEJ: How about Aiden?  Do you think he will heal from his ordeal with the Morrigan?

Meghan: Absolutely.  I know I've only really known Aiden as he was in the mortal world, but in the short time we spent together here in Eile, I could tell he was ready to embrace his new life as my Faelorehn brother.  In fact, Aiden's always been strong, even when something is worrying or scaring him.

JEJ: Are you looking forward to summers in Eile?

Meghan: Are you kidding?  I've already planned it out with my Mom and Danua.  Aiden will spend the first and last weeks of his summer vacation exclusively at Luathara, and I'll go and visit him in Erintara while he's there.  Cade's also promised to teach him how to ride and hunt faelah.

JEJ: So, there are still some faelah around then, even after you demolished the Morrigan.

Cade: There are plenty left, but they are not controlled by her will.  What that means is she was responsible for creating them, but she can no longer tell them what to do, and fortunately they aren't clever enough to band together like they did when she and Donn ruled over them.  Several of us, Faelorehn men and women who are willing, will be keeping them under control.  I know that Danua and the other Tuatha De plan on sending a few of us into the mortal world to take care of the strays there.

JEJ: Will you continue working as a faelah bounty hunter then?

Cade: I'd prefer to stay at Luathara and help keep the castle and its lands in running order.  That might include hunting down any of the faelah and other dangerous Otherworldly beasts that choose to harass us.  Of course, if I'm needed, I will go but only if Meghan will permit me.

JEJ: Meghan, would you be willing to let Cade keep up his old job?

Meghan: Only if he lets me go with him.  I'm much better at using my magic now and after all we've been through, I'm reluctant to let him out of my sight for very long.

JEJ: And how about your old friends and family in the mortal world?  Do you plan on visiting them?

Meghan: Cade and I are definitely going to visit them at least once a year around Christmas time.  That way I know Robyn, Tully, Will and Thomas will be home from college.  Mom and Dad have also insisted we stay with them and my brothers for at least a week when we are there, so I won't be completely cut off from my mortal family.

JEJ: Okay, one final question for the both of you.  I've had a few readers telling me they are sorry to see your story end.  Will we ever hear from the two of you again?

Cade: You're the author.  That's up to you, isn't it?

JEJ: Well, yes, I guess so.  But just because you were willing to give me your time before, doesn't mean you'll have any free time in the future, right?

Meghan: I'm sure you'll be hearing from us again, but for now Cade and I would like a little time to settle into our new life.

JEJ: Oh, I think we can all understand that.  Thank you, the both of you, for answering my questions.  I look forward to hearing from you again, whenever that might be!


  1. No matter what else you choose, if anything, to do with the future of Cade and Megan, please DO keep them strong, deeply in love with each other, and committed fully to their marriage and future together. We aren't trying to take over your playground, still, we, your readers, have come to expect certain excellent things from your characters, and we can only hope you will give us those hoped for things in any future book, should you decide to write them With the characters of Cade and Megan... STAY STRONG! Thanks, and keep up the great work! :)

  2. Thank you for the feedback JulieAnn! Don't worry, I plan to do all those things you mentioned. Although I can't promise it will be easy for Cade and Meghan, I can't see them losing their devotion to one another (especially after all they've been through together ;)). We shall see what the future holds for them - even I don't know all of their plans :). All the best and until next time, happy reading!