Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Hello readers!

It has been ages since I've posted anything new here (been busy with book projects and my newsletter, among other things).  Anyway, if you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, you have heard the news that Faeborne has won a gold medal for Middle School Fantasy from the Literary Classics Awards.  I'm so very proud of this book and how well it's done in various book competitions.  To celebrate, I've set up an Instafreebie giveaway for you to get a FREE ecopy of this Otherworld standalone.  If you've been wanting to read Faeborne and haven't had the chance to get around to it, now's your chance to grab it, free of charge.  But you must act quickly!  This offer ends on SUNDAY, JULY 9th, 2017.  Simply click on the link below and it should take you to the page where you can claim your copy.  As always, thank you so much for your support and readership - I couldn't do this without you guys.  Happy reading!

- J.E. Johnson

Click HERE to get your copy of FAEBORNE!


  1. I thouroughly enjoyed this series, is Faeborne the last book ?

  2. Hello! Faeborne isn't the last book - just a side project and stand-alone novel that started as a NaNoWriMo project a few years back ;). I'm currently working on some short stories in the Otherworld universe and a trilogy of full-length novels told from Cade's perspective. Keep a lookout for those in the future!
    - Jenna

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  4. I read the first 5 which are all on audible, I had no idea there's 4 more but not available on audible. My schedule doesn't allow much room for hard copy so I am left with listening

    1. Hello vixen5366! Alas! I wish I could afford to publish the rest on Audible :P. The problem is that cost of production is often $2000 or more, if I pay the producer up front (which I usually do because then I get to keep 40% of the royalties as opposed to 20%). However, I have been thinking about opting for royalty share for the rest of the books. That would mean no up-front costs and the producer and I share the 40%. It's a dilemma! ;) And I feel your pain - I love audiobooks, too :D.

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